Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Spring sure to read all of this post

This has been a fun month for me to capture the beauty in my everyday life! With the arrival of Spring, I found myself running outside every second I could. But first, I have to share these beauties of another nature! (my mother loved butterflies so my sisters and I smile everytime we find something new in the butterfly mode). These taste every bit as good as a regular oreo and they make you smile too :)

Now, on to the real beauties in my yard.
I am a blue bird lover big time! Could not contain myself when I captured this guy right outside my sewing room window! Seriously, I will have to frame this, I think.

Next to bluebirds, I also love Bradford Pear trees. They remind me of my daughter's birth and they bring a fresh look to our beginning of Spring. I am so happy to have this tree in my yard and watch it unfold each year.
These trees belong to a friend of mine nearby. I ride by her house every day in March just to see them.

All the rest of my pictures are from my yard. It has been a beautiful month here.

And now for the best Spring beauty of all : my newest granddaughter, Greer!

My first time to see this baby girl since she was born and I had to take lots of pictures of this little beauty. I just could not wait any longer to go see her.
She is 9 weeks old and perfect.

Of course I shared my grandmother holding time with Susan. It was hard but I had to be nice (ha ha). After all this TRUE and DEERest friend rode 4 hours to accompany me to see my little loves and 4 hours home with me all in one day. Now, folks, that is a loving friendship in action.

After we visited awhile, we headed downtown to eat a bite of lunch. Just us girls.
Baby Greer was quite stunned to see her Lolli sitting right next to her in the back seat (between 2 car seats!)

and then she just slept the whole time at our lunch outting and on our way to pick up Knox.

It was such a pleasant surprise to see my son and his co worker on their lunch break after we picked up Knox from Mothers Day Out.

Of course, I had to bring my grandson a special lollipop.

He would not even put it down to go down the slide.

Miss Greer was dreaming of the day she gets to have a lollipop too!

As much as I enjoy blogging and sharing my grandmother moments with you, I have felt the nudge to cut out some of my social networking. I have decided to stop the blog at this time. I think most everyone who reads my blog is already a FB friend, so you all can see my future pictures on FB. If you are not a friend of mine on FB and want to keep up with me, feel free to request a friendship with me by leaving a comment on this post of how to contact me.
Happy Spring yall and so long to blogging. It has been a nice activity over the last several years and I have enjoyed sharing Lolli's loves with each of you.

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Spring Beauties and Spring Break

There are many beauties in my life, but here are 4 that mean the world to me that I have seen recently.
Truthfully, only one of the 5 of us was really on Spring Break and that would be Miriam, our ever loving hostess. She has a most relaxing and inviting lake house that is a great "sort of" central meeting place for everyone in our Potluck group to gather.

Bless her heart, being a fifth grade teacher is taxing in itself and heaven knows she needs a break from being in charge but Miriam is always the hostess with all the mostest. I was happy that she grabbed a moment to chill on the dock before everyone else arrived. Because when our group gets together, it is NON-STOP much fun!

Ree, always brings camellias when we get together this time of year and places them all around the house that we party in! Seriously, she brings in gift boxes full of them! Oh yeah, did I mention she always brings the best ever chocolate chip cookies and home made cinnamon rolls, too? She claims that all they have to do way down south in Monroeville is cook. I think I need to spend a week with her to learn more of this thing called cooking! Ha! On second thought, no, I need to stay put because I gained 5 pounds just from 2 days at the lake with these gals :)

Sarah, has the funniest sense of humor, that usually sends us over the edge in giggling spurts but she was deep in thought sitting on the dock in this moment. I appreciated every minute of those thoughts, dear friend. The older we get, the wiser we are, and this girl here is one that shares her nuggets of wisdom in the most entertaining ways.

Fancy Nancy is always last to arrive and we usually break out in loud halleluiahs when our circle is complete to be together again. Nancy brings to us the news from our hometown and has usually run circles around all of us socially. We are energized with enthusiasm from our Nancy.

These 3 girls from our Potluck friends graduated from that OTHER school in West Alabama.

And then 2 of us went to you know where and had BIG BRAGGING rights this year and let it be known! We have waited a long time to do this and it was really a FUN moment for Sarah and I :)

Miriam had strict instructions from her husband on how to take us out on a boat ride. She did so well and the ride on Lake Martin was the best!

even little Spencer enjoyed a great view from the front of the boat.

The ducks and I have a lot to quack about when Spring arrives.
I am pretty sure they are as sad as Miriam that Spring Break is officially over. It was a really nice week, Mother Nature. And thank you, Father Lord, it was a great week to be with friends you blessed me with.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

I blinked on this day 32 years ago

Today marks the day when I learned the true definition of "mother". I had no idea what all it meant until my little girl was born 32 years ago today. As every mother does, I relive Jessica's birth every year on this day and savor those memories like none other. One birthday sticks out in my mind above all others.
I loved planning all her birthday parties to celebrate each year but I think her 5th was one of the most favorite. She wanted a rainbow party and a pinata so that is what we had. I was brave and invited her entire kindergarten class. I was even braver planning an outdoor party in the middle of March! All that week before the party, she and I prayed asking God for pretty party weather.
It turned out to be a gorgeous day with 40% thunderstorms predicted. I was so nervous about 20+ kids potentially eatting popsycles and iced rainbow cookies inside in the event of bad weather but God had mercy on us and it was marvelous.
Within one hour after the party, a big black cloud came down on us and Jessica and I stood at the window and thanked God for giving her a rainbow party outside earlier that day
And then after the quick rain, out burst a beautiful rainbow in the sky just above our house! We were in awe and praised God big time for that blessing. I had friends call us and ask if Jessica could pray for their future parties after that day!
Then I blinked and she turned 16.

I blinked again and she was married and has 2 precious little girls of her own.
Happy Birthday Jessica! I love you!
I think I will hold off blinking for awhile!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Family Gene Pool

Last night, I pulled out my own baby book (I am so thankful that my mother actually saved pictures of me as the 3rd and middle child -Lord knows she did not have time to do it). I was amazed at how much my two youngest grandchildren are resembling the genes from me and my oldest brother particularly. I tried to line them up side by side as I downloaded but some did not work so you can just scroll down for yourself and see our family gene pool in action!
me as a toddler (Regan, look at those cheeks of mine and then look at Knox's)

Greer and then me 56 years ago!

Take a look at my brother, Tim, in this picture and then look at the pictures of Knox below. Also note me as an infant and then look at the picture of Greer below.

I'd say the Williams gene pool was open to the little Lawson babies here!

And here is baby Greer several weeks ago and here I am as a tiny infant.

It is fun to pull out family pictures and see the similarities. Of course I see a great deal of my son in Knox but today I thought it would just be fun to put up the real oldies that I know have not been seen in awhile.

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